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The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Duos Android phone is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime line. Model number SM-G360H/DS (SM-G360H/Dual-Sim). Released in November 2014.

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Why wont my phone boot up or shout off

phone goes to metro pc screen and sits there and will not shout down unless i take out battery

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In order to be able to help you, i will have to know a little more about the problem if you could please answer the following questions

1) does the power button turn off the display or bring up the power menu?

2) what have you done already to troubleshoot your problem?


no power button brings up the metro pc display and sits there ,have to take out battery to tun off 2 i have held held the 3 buttons to bring up me nu but don 't want to do factory restart if i don't have to don't want to loose pictures not sure if i backed them up ,or if they are on sd card or not


Then you will need to flash system firmware using downloaded matching Samsung firmware downloaded from sammobile. Then flash with Odin if you don't want to lose data. Still the same problem after flashing? Recover data using custom recovery or lose the data and perform a factory reset.


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YOU need do thermal or physically function on your cpu and memory. Be careful! No thx! With love from Russia!

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One, im sure the issue has been resolved and 2. How does that occur when the phone doesnt boot? You cant test anything really with a phone that you can do anything with.


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