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Released in 1989 by apple computer, discontinued in 1991

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I have cleared out my floppy, how can I replace it? >.<

I need to replace my FLOPPY DRIVE. I watched Druaga1's video on it called "Risking it all - SE/30 Floppy replacement."

Is there a way for me to make it work after the Floppy Replacement? If so, YAY!

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If you follow the official service manual that can be found with some googling, then why not. I’ve done it a few times myself on these machines with no problem. The only major risk is breaking the CRT on the neck itself if you don’t remove the neck board (just pulls straight).

Most likely, the floppy drive itself is not broken, just in need of some overdue service, like some lubrication and head cleaning.

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