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Released on September 25, 2013, The Galaxy Gear (model no. SM-V700) is one of the first devices in Samsung's wearable lineup.

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Why won't my gear charge after not being used for extended time?

I haven't used my old Gear watch after buying my Gear 2 - now when I try to charge it, nothing is happening. I've tried connecting to my computer (as some forums say that works) and still no luck.

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How long did you leave it plugged in?


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I let it trickle charge all day with no signs of life :(

I'm going to get swapping batteries and see if that works.

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Turns out cell phone repair shops can actually boost the battery....just like your car battery. They got me to 15% and i did the rest. Watch is fully functional now :)


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connect your galaxy gear to a computer and allow the USB to trickle charge until the charging symbol appears, this can take am hour or so, so be patient, once the charging symbol appears you'll then be able to charge it from the mains supply. I've managed to bring a few galaxy gears back to life this way.

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