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Model A1121—a speaker system for use with any iPod digital music player, developed and manufactured by Apple. First released on February 28, 2006, the iPod Hi-Fi retailed at the Apple Store until its discontinuation on September 5, 2007.

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How do I repair the crossover?


I really hope that you can help me. I have one of these for a long time now and the subwoofer stopped working. So I decided to pull the whole thing apart and discovered that something on the crossover board burned. It looks like the correct part (resistor, capacitor, ?) could do the trick. Any suggestions what it would be? Or does anyone know the data of the chassis? Then I'd consider just building a center speaker out of them.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Best regards,


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If the crossover board has a board number printed on it you could try searching online using just the number only to see if boards are available. If so and they have pictures of the board you may be able to work out what the faulty part is. Just a thought.

Here are some links that also may be of some help to you.



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Thank you for the links, this was the best resource yet. I couldn't make out the bad capacitor/resistor though.

I tried finding the part by searching its number already, but my search didn't return anything helpful. Here's the number (visible on the first photo)

Apple 820 - 1770 - A


Hi Simon,

It may be worth a try to gently clean the affected area using Isopropyl Alcohol +90% to see if the faulty component's designation is still there, which will help narrow it down if it starts with R, C or Q.

Will also hope that @oldturkey03 may come onboard as he has a phenomenal talent for accessing parts/schematics etc. info.

The so called "service manual" in the second link only ever mentions that the "MLB" assembly (your problem board) should be returned for repair whenever a particular type of fault is encountered.


For picture 3 I flipped the board vertically, so yes it's the reverse side. On the source link of the whatsinside page I found a photo of a working board: http://www.abcelectronique.com/forum/att...

Yet I can't read the part number. I'll get some isopropyl later today to try your recommendation.


Hi Simon,

I reckon it says C71 (copied the picture of the working board from your link into a picture viewer program (IrfanView) and then magnified it)

There are markings on it but my old eyes aren't up to deciphering what it says. I make it 4 digits but as to what they are whenI magnify it further it becomes too distorted. Lower magnification is clearer but as I said not for me.


Hi Jayeff,

I am impressed, that you could decipher the C71 already. I tried to enhance the photo a bit in photoshop but did not succeed in figuring it out.

Do you think if we knew the capacitor I would be able to replace it at home thus not having any special equipment?


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