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The EOS 6D was released in 2012 as Canon’s first consumer-level, full-frame DSLR. It comes pre-equipped with a 2.75”x2” LCD viewing screen, a GPS antenna and wifi connectivity.

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Why am I getting this white streak on my shots?

When I shoot at a bit lower exposure than the environment in which I'm shooting i get these white streaks in my images. What can be the cause?

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Hey, I happen tohave the same issue, it's a broken shutter blade, I am getting mine repaired in a third party shop , choosing to repair the whole shutter instead of only the blades (100k actuations) (approx 300$), way more expensive but if yours has not reached its life cycle , you can maybe just replace the blades and solve your problem.

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is this happening on just one lens or on all of your lenses. it could be moisture on the inside of the lens. if it is happening on more than one lens the likely cause is dirt on dust on the sensor, if this is the case your sensor will need cleaning, id recommend taking it to be serviced in a Cannon approved service centre, this can be expensive but you can always try and clean it yourself although you could end up doing more damage than good,

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