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Released January 2015. Android smartphone.

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SD Card reader don't recognice any SD Card

My Redmi 2 was HardBricked, but I've followed this tutorial and I fix it: http://forum.miuirom.com.br/index.php?th... (the language is Brazilian Portuguese)

Everything worked ok, but no SD Card can be recognized anymore. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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Did you check if the card is OK? Try to reformat it as FAT32 if it is < 64 GB size.


Yes, I've checked in another redmi 2 and the card is ok. I also tried another card in my redmi 2 and it doesn't work. I'm sure that the card isn't the problem, but the reader probably is.

At the tutorial to unbrick was necessary to give the short on the golden pins of the testpoint to resurrect the phone, and the guy said that a mistake could damage the SD card slot or the SIM card slot. I think that's what hapenned, but I don't know what I do.

(I don't speak English fluently, sorry if I said something wrong)




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Some corrosion might be built up on the SD card slot contacts. Find a card, and insert and reinsert it at least 40-50 times, then use a can of air to clean out the port. When using a can of air, fire in short bursts, and let the can warm up so it performs optimally.

If that still doesn't fix the problem, a pin might be bent inside the socket, which is difficult to repair due to the nature of the socket.

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Thanks for replying, but it didn't work.


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