My HDMI ports were damaged by lightning.

My coaxial and video ports work fine but I have a direct TV wireless genie with only HDMI and AV cable options to choose from and the HDMI does not work because of the lightening strike. Direct TV gave me HDTV AV cable to use and for about 5 seconds my TV will work beautifully and then puts up a message saying that Your TV does not support this programs content protection. Replacing the tvs HDMI cable with component cables will allow you to view the program. There is also a highlighted OK button shown. I try to select ok and it does nothing. The way I have the picture in the first place is because the component cables are hooked up. This makes no sense. Can someone please help me with this? Even more strange is I will turn off my direct TV genie then turn it back on and the whole thing repeats. I could do that all night. Why won't it stay on?

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If it's putting video through the HDMI, there is nothing wrong with the HDMI or HDMI ports. It must be your tuner box. Your question doesn't make much sense to me. Could you please rephrase it?


Hi, Have you still got any HDMI cables connected to your Direct TV box. If so unplug them. Component cables are analogue so HDCP message cannot be sent.


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