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The Motorola Droid (model number: A855) is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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Return and Search keys on glass do not work properly

Hello, my son smashed the glass on his droid so I decided to try and fix it myself since it's out of warranty. Everything worked before I replaced the glass. I found a screen on ebay for $30. Got everything back together and the touch screen glass and phone work. But I am perplexed by an issue with the buttons across the bottom of the glass. Though the buttons work in apps like the internet browser and messaging, they will not work with the system. I also noticed that the buttons do not light up now either. I've reset hte factory settings, reinstalled the operating system, cleared the cache, reset the phone again, still no remedy. Any ideas?

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Be careful with the replacement glass from ebay! I had bought a cheap one as well and after installing it, my buttons, as well as a small portion of the screen didn't respond to touch. My solution was to contact the seller, as the screen I received was plastic like (not guerrilla glass like the OEM screen)as it scratched super easy. I argued that they sold me a non OEM screen, and they happily sent a new one, that not only worked, but at least looks to be to be OEM. The giveaway was the foam gasket that the second screen came with, where the cheap one they sent me had none.

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Basically: make sure you get OEM


Guerrilla Glass? what is that- the military version of Gorilla Glass?


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