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Apple AirPods are wireless headphones released December 2016.

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How can I remove microabrasions and dark spots from airpods' case?

Sadly, the airpods' case scratches easily. I had them for one day in my pocket and already had some microabrasions and one tiny dark spot that does not rub off... I was wondering if there's any product that could remove those micro-abrasions and this tiny dark spot!

Thank you!

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You could give Bon Ami Cleaner a try to get the dark spot out.

As for all of the scratches, I guess you'll need to get one of the skin makers to make one up for you ;-}

Update (01/15/2017)

Think of it this way: Mountains & Valleys. To remove the valleys we can push the mountains into them smoothing out the land.

Sadly, we don't have any mountains here ;-} All you can do is remove the surface area to match the valley of the scratch (bringing the surface down to the same level). A polish basically does that just at a microscopic level so small scratches can be hidden. Bigger scratches may require a more aggressive polish or even sandpaper.

But there is a down side here! As the more you polish or even sand the more you are removing the finish which can expose the base material which may not be pretty!

Give the Bon Ami cleaner a try it is a mild polish and cleaner. Beyond that I think you'll need to get a cinch bag to hold the Air Pod case or put something over the case to protect it.

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Anything that would REMOVE the scratches, instead of hiding them?


Henrique How do you remove a hole in the ground?


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I've found that keeping the AirPods case in the "coin pocket" of my jeans helps with any damage. Some jeans they may fall out of that pocket. So I recommend trying this at home for a few hours before leaving.

I know this doesn't help with damage you already have, but will with preventing future damage.

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If your talking about the tiny pocket inside the right pocket, Thats actually for a pocket watch back when most people used them. You learn something new every day.


Perfect! Shove your AirPods in it when you need to travel.


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hi .

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