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Repair for Care Bear stuffed animals.

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Sing along care bear isn't singing.

Can I fix the speaker issue myself?

Update (01/13/2017)

I have a talking care bear from 2004. It wont work. There is no corrosion in battery compartment. I put new brand name batteries in it. It makes a beep noise when i switch it to the on position, which it always did when it worked for my eldest daughter. But when we press the talk button nothing happens. I've tried other new batteries and everything. My toddler loves care bears and i hope someone finds a solution to fixing these. Any help is appreciated

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Have you tried replacing the batteries first?


Hi @sparklefaceprincess,

It may be able be fixed but you would have to know how to diagnose faults in an electronic circuit.

Any reputable, professional electronics repairer would probably be able to find out what the problem is. The difficulty then may be getting any proprietary replacement parts if they are required. They may or may not be available any longer. This is conjecture on my part but perhaps something to be aware of. It may not come to this though. It might be something obvious to the trained eye and easily fixed.


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@dennismcl , sparklefaceprincess, Dennis , I really have no idea what is inside a care bear. You have nothing to loose really, so carefully open the bear up trace the wires to the speaker repair loose or damaged wires and if all connections look OK , try another similar size speaker from a hobby store wired to existing to see if it works, if it works remove old and install new.

Sparkleface, same for you, carefully open the bear up and check all the wires connections all the way to the button back to the voice box, fix any connection/wires that look bad and give it a try.

If need be talking care bears can still be bought new or use, although I truly hope you have luck fixing yours. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I will try this and let everyone know how it goes once i am finished.


sparklefaceprincess, Please do,I have confidence if you try you may succeed, feel free if you like to take some pic's of what you find and fix for others to see. Best of luck!


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