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Blu Studio 5.5 S smart phone was released in 2014 by Blu. It's recognizable, by it's white color, and 5.5 inch LCD display.

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How do I fix phone from process system isn't responding?

When i turned on the phone a day after because night before i charged it and the day after when i turned it on it says process system isn't responding

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Hello Nathanael, so sorry to hear about your problem. Considering the details you provided, the only solution i can think of is to do a complete factory reset on the phone. It will delete everything such as pictures, contacts, numbers, applications. But it might fix the problem.

You can do a factory data reset by pressing a combinations of the buttons while the phone is off. Below is a link where you can see how it is done step by step (you can go ahead and skip to 1:20, the first part is how to reset the phone while it is on and working) . Hope this was of some help. Have a good day!


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