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dropping internet connection, ethernet and wireless, linksys router

I have problem with my internet connection.I use an iMac G5 the last 4 years and a linksys router (WAG354G).The last 7 months drops occur after 15 to 30 minutes of connection so i have to put my router out of function for a few minutes and then it works again for a while.The green light of the router that shows that the internet connection is fine, is on when i face this problem.Also my brothers laptop (not mac) has not the same problem.What should i do?

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Since this is a B/G Router with DSL gateway if you obtained the device from your internet provider, have you contacted them. It may be possible that a firmware update is available.

Some other things that can affect performance are: Any new wireless devices (like cordless phone, microwave, plasma TV) in the general area of the router. (I had this problem with a past dlink router, the wireless handset would be out of the cradle and kick off the router signal)

Also, if you have only Wireless G devices set the router to only communicate in wireless G. You can also try changing the wireless channel.

More details on what can cause problems with ADSL Gateways are on the linksys website. Here

The last thing you could do is check to see if another firmware would work in your router (like tomato firmware)

Hope this helps.

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Sounds like your router is going out. I had a client who had the same problem. They purchased a new router and no longer have a problem.

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