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The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Duos Android phone is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime line. Model number SM-G360H/DS (SM-G360H/Dual-Sim). Released in November 2014.

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I cannot get my charge cord to make a good connection phone will not c

I cannot get the charge cord to make a good enoughconnection to charge my phone.

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Your charging port is likely worn out. You should try to replace it. It could have a separate board for the port, or it could be soldered directly to the motherboard. If it is on the motherboard, you should see if you can find a replacement motherboard. Soldering a new port directly onto the motherboard is difficult. If it is using a cable to connect to the motherboard, just replace the board the port is attached to. Hope this helps.

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Chances are the cable plug is at fault. I had the same problem with a tablet and replacing the cord did it. If the cord has a USB plug at the other end that's even better. If the cord goes directly into the "wall" power supply case the job is trickier and you would rater need a skilled technician to do it.

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