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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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Can't find a chat headset which works

i have bought several chat headsets which were all recommended for the xbox one s however none of them seem to work. they work with a normal xbox one but not the one s.

i have even had the console replaced incase that was the problem but the headsets do not work with the replacements either. please help x

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Try this.


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hi, that is the headset i bought but it will not work on the one s . tried on several one s consoles and it doesn't work but it does on a normal one console. thanks though ..


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You should consider buying; the generic one at Gamstop/EB Games. If they faill to work I would consider seeing the controllers headset port as the issue. Try using one that you have, around the house or purchasing a new one, or attempt to fix it yourself via dissabembly (do not attempt if not confortable doing it, or without knowledge)

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