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Is there only one cause of the ylod

i was doing a search for what causes the ylod and i found a web site http://boardsus.playstation.com/t5/PlayS...

in case you have trouble finding it the site says that this person had the ylod right after a firmware update and they said they took the hard drive out and made it a slave on another computer and formatted it then re installed it and did a firmware update and that fixed it. so then i came to this site and the manual here says it's basically the same problem the xbox has. so i was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is either a more plausible cause of the ylod or if you know if it's another cause or if it's not plausible at all? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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Basically to answer your original question, these are a few things that can cause the YLOD:

Dead/Disconnected HDD

Cold-Joint between the CPU/RSX/EE(If your console has one)

Physical Damage to the Motherboard

Dead power supply

Not enough voltage from the power supply (Failing Power Supply)

Jammed/Disconnected Fan (Not Confirmed)


Corrupted NAND Flash

Bad Update

Short Circuit

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That site/solution would be wrong, if a firmware update goes wrong, replacing/reformatting the hard drive won't fix it (A dead hard drive, however might cause the YLOD) The PS3's firmware is stored on 2 128MB NAND chips on the motherboard. The hard drive is only required for caching that flash memory when the console boots. You can only access the PS3's flash with a modchip such as an InFecTus (Which has discontinued official support for the procedure, but still works.) So replacing a hard drive, would not fix a failed update, only Sony can recover a bad flash, unless you have a previous backup of the NAND that you can flash back onto the console using the method/chip I mentioned above.



I created a account just 2 say thank you! I think my prob is the power supply failure because when I tested it it show NOTHING... Thx again


i also connected a dead pram battery and it gave me ylod. I replaced it with a new pram battery and the system worked fine.


the ylod can be triggered if something was not plugged in correctly, bad solder joints, and dead components. It has been confirmed and ylod is not only caused by the rsx chip and the nec capacitors.


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ylod is essentially the same as the xbox rrod...as i has to do with broken solder joints under the cpu or the gpu. however it can also be a problem with the power supply in the ps3. hope this cleared things up.


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Additionally, ANY hardware failure (including dead fuses, dead/dying RAM) can trigger the YLOD. Essentially, the YLOD simply means 'Something is wrong inside me and I need a hands-on fix.'

I personally check about twelve different 'key points' before I attempt to repair a broken console.

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But what about if the ps3 had an ylod after not using it in years tho had it stock for years but suddenly when it booted up an ylod appeared


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