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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Why is my iPod when fully charged only last for 20 mim

ipod classic only lasting 20 min when fully charged

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Its Time To Change The Battery ....

Hope It Works



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this sounds like you may need a new battery. no matter how good of a battery you have eventually if you use the device you will need a new one. battery have an finite amount of charges before alas even they die. the way you can tell if your battery is dying a lot of the time is if it no longer holds a charge for very long. I am sorry that this has happened to you and obviously you have used your ipod a lot over the years. I hope that this answer helps you out.

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this is correct, you can see the steps here iPod Classic Battery Replacement **please be warned that this repair is very difficult


Thanks for your help do you know how much it is to replace the battery


iPod Classic (Thin) Battery

might not be the exact model but this will give you an idea of how much it costs


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