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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by Huawei. Released October 2015.

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Loose band in audio jack


Thank you for looking into this!

Alright, the case: RHA 10ti is the earbuds I use and I paid a nice sum for them to treat myself after finishing high school. Four months later I messed up.

Short story shorter, the plastic band between Mic and Ground is "loose". With that I mean that the top metal band is solid with the plastic, but the next metal band is moveable (the following bands are still as they should be). This means that there can be a gap between the top part (plastic to metal) of the plastic to the following metal band.

This of course results in music being played far and near (sound seems like it´s far away, vs. near being normal), and being played on different ears.

My thought is to use glue (I don´t care about the mic, but fear for the ground) as I can´t fit even a razor blade in the gap... Because if I can make it unmovable again it should theoretically by fine. Tape of course does not work, but I´m thinking either glue or melting plastic (thinking one of these: PP, PE-HD or PE-LD).

Let me hear some suggestions or tips.

Thanks a lot :)

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you will have to find a pair of headphones to sacrifice with the same 3 rings and cut and solder it onto your existing pair of buds.

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Sounds a bit out of my skill range :/ Do you know where you could get something like this done? I really enjoy my RHA´s, and would be a shame to not give it a try. And you´re sure about the glue/plastic part? And by the way, thank you for helping me out here :)


give it a try, you've got nothing to lose. if it doesn't work you can get it repaired. I am in toronto, where are you?


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