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Why is my iPod touch disabled for so long?

My IPod touch 1st generation is disabled. How do I undisable it without a computer?

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How long is it disabled for?


The length of time it is disabled is also a code that tells us what is wrong.


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Plug it on your computer, wait for iTunes to recognize it. It will probably tell you it's disabled, but fear not!

While still connected, hold the Power and Home button for about 10 seconds, until the screen goes completely back. When this happens, immediately release the Power button, but still keep pressing thew Home button. iTunes will eventually detect your iPod, and will tell you it is in recovery mode (DFU mode). You can let go of the Home button when this happens.

Now, you need to Restore your iPod in iTunes. Just click on restore, it will download the software, and restore your iPod.

Your iPod will no longer be disabled.

BE WARNED, you lose ALL data on your device.

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