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The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a low-end, slate-format Android device released by Samsung on February 2011. Identifiable by model numbers GT-S5830(i, B, C, L).

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Getting Problem in hotspot in Samsung Galaxy ACE

Getting Problem in Samsung Galaxy ACE

I am getting problem in Samsung Galaxy ACE and the problem is in Hotspot. When I turn hotspot on and connects other devices, then my data network setting are automatically turned off and I lost data network. Then suddenly it goes on for few minutes and the again turn off. This is very annoying tubemate.

Please help me out of it, either in fixing this issue or I change the handset.


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Try changing the following setting and see if it resolves the problem for you.

Not sure re your phone but go to Home > Settings > Wireless and Networks > WiFi Settings > WiFi (here is where I am not sure whether you have to tap the right hand soft key below the screen to get to the Advanced options box or if there is an icon for more WiFi settings) tap on Keep WiFi on During Sleep > and select always.

What may be happening is that when no data is being sent and the phone's sleep setting comes on (turns off screen to save power) the WiFi shuts down to save power as well and then when data is sent has to re-establish the connection before it can do so.

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