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The Samsung HLM or HLN series is a line of projection televisions.

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What I needs to do to fix the white dots on screen?

My tv model is HL 67A51J1F what I needs to do to fix the white dots on screen??

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I had same issue with my LG LED TV and solved it at Home.

You can also do it at home if not resolved yet and TV is out of warranty period.

It is problem arise due to LED reflectors that falls down from their position. You just need to place them back to their position and thats it.

You'll find many youtube videos for support.

Also reply with Comment for more help.

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@zurdo69 white dots, snow or sparkling is usually caused by a bad DMD chip. On most models the DMD is replaceable, but your model number seems to be invalid. Check it again. Also, the white spots must be random and all over the panel. If they are symmetric and rather large, then it is not the DMD chip but possibly LED errors. Post some images of your screen with your question. For that use this guide. It will allow us to see what you see.

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