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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment; the PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-2000 Series) is a thinner replacement model for the original PS4. Announced September 7, 2016.

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PS4 Slim not turning on after click sound, no beep, no light...


I bought a PS4 Slim a few days ago from Amazon and it suddenly stopped working now for some reason.. It clicked and then shutdown and not wanna turn on now.

I live in the UAE and I bought it from Amazon US.. So returning is not that easy and costly.

Soo, wanted to ask if there is an easy fix and could I send it to the local Sony shop ?

Knowing that I've 1 year warranty from Sony.

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sounds like it is the hard drive that is no longer working. I would suggest calling sony directly to explain the situation to them, being that the ps4 is still under sony manufacturer warranty it shouldnt matter where you currently live. They will send you a box, ship it to them for a repair, then they will send it back to you.

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The hard drive would do this ? :/

Not the power brick ?????

Its not even turning on.. no errors no nothing.


have you tried a different power cable and outlet already?


Yep, I did.. I even got a small radio and tried it using the ps4 cable in same outlet


ok then back to what i originally said i would call sony directly to have them replace it for you so it doesnt cost you anything out of pocket as it sounds factory defective.


It's not the hard drive. The hard drive would never cause that sort of problem.


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