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Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930, SM-G935) — смартфон седьмого поколения линейки Galaxy S, анонсированный компанией Samsung Electronics 21 февраля 2016 года на MWC в Барселоне[

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Why phone overheats after repair?

i recently replaced the screen on my phone with a full replacement screen with frame and lcd assembly. The phone then worked fine for two hours and now it just says its overheating. no problems before the repair. but now phone is useless. any ideas???

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Where did you get the screen from? Did you check if the new screen replacement has the thermal pads installed on it just like the original screen had?

Also you maybe should of asked Samsung before for pricing as they may be cheapest for screen replacements.


Samsung won't fix it I called them first and yes it has the pads it was from a Samsung direct supplier


Had a customer come through after sending it in to Samsung for repair. It came back broke again! And refused to refund him!


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Although painful, after you've just buttoned the phone, but you gotta. Check inside and see if anything is noticeably wrong or different. You may have damaged something during the repair

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The heat comes from under one of the gaurds over the chips. I was very careful with the logic board. I made sure to use all precautions that i could.


Could be the display is drawing too much power. You may want to exchange it for an different one. I've seen that happen before


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