Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Half of my screen is dark, iPhone 6

For the last couple of days my iPhone screen has been flickering, finally today, the right half of the screen is dim or half back lit.

I did install the LED Apple logo but that was about a year ago so I don't think that that is the issue, has anyone heard of this particular malfunction?

Update (02/03/2017)

Well, this is why I like to repair stuff myself, rather than taking it out.

I had taken the phone to a shop for a repair that I didn't have the tools for (or exp) and it would seem that some screws got away from them and they failed to replace them, so the display cable hold down bracket was loose , which in turn allowed the screen cables to loosen.

I ensured all connections where good, added some screws, and turned it on..... all components are now functioning correctly. And yes, I know I should have done that first, I was being lazy, I guess. Thanks everyone.

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You either have a defective screen or a logic board issue.

If you have access to a known-good screen (like say, from another working iPhone 6) then you could try that to see if it solves your problem. If a known-good screen has the same problem, then the issue is on your logic board, specifically the backlight circuit.

I just looked up the LED Apple Logo thing you referred to and it certainly could have contributed to the failure you are seeing. Try removing it as well to see if it eliminates your problem.

Look for an experienced micro-solder repair shop in your area (preferable) or use one that has a mail-in service (you can check my profile).

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Does the LED Apple Logo mod draw power from the LCD backlight circuit? That would explain these issues from overpower draw.


In theory, the current draw should be tiny. Still, when you start mod'ing the backlight circuit, strange things will happen. Check it out.



It's insignificant. I have one, it doesn't do anything to the battery life


@theimedic Thanks for the input. I haven't used one myself which is why I said it could have had an effect.


@refectio. Wasn't attacking. Just saying what I've found. Also I hate it. I bought a few for sale, and all of them use adhesives, Kapton tape, which obviously deminishes over time. I would like to find some that I can solder, then I would feel comfortable selling them


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Test- yes no yes no ______________________________

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Ahh this sucks!!

I received a replacement iPhone 6 by using the insurance I’ve paid so many years for.

But, upon receiving it, I too have experienced these same issues. It started out mainly with the top right hand side being the darkest area, but continued all the way down to some degree.

That was at the beginning of September, when I received the phone and began experiencing problems. Well, because I had to leave to go out of town two days after getting the phone, I’m stuck with it today. Still with a F’d up screen, but even more so. Its now gotten to where the left side of the screen darkens, or even the entire screen goes dark. I tap it on the back side and eventually it will come back on, but the upper right corner and down are a few shades darker.

I’ve also noticed that the screen is loose. When I’m typing, the screen makes a click sound.

What do I need to do?

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My screen doesn’t darken. Whatever page or app I have open is somehow stuck on the left side of the screen and down about a quarter of the way down too. Somehow, I am looking ata full page right now because I asked Siri why the top right of my iPhone 6. I have tapped on the black area in any number of fashions and also tapped at the page to no avail. Before I realized that the problem was occurring just about everywhere I deleted my iBooks app with plans to reinstall it. I also tried shutting down the phone for several minutes (twice) but the problem persists.

Also I can sort of drag the page to the right but I let go and it snaps back to the left.

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