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The LG G Pad 8.3 is a tablet created by LG Electronics Inc. that weighs 11 ounces, has 16 GB of storage, and has a 8.3 inch screen.

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Got new battery for lg vk810 let it go dead

I got a new battery for lg 8.3 vk810 accidentally I let it completely die now I can't get it to charge or turn on I tried the 20second thing but it still won't do. anything. Also my screen is very dim?

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lisasaunders528 "still won't do. anything. Also my screen is very dim?" so it does come on but has a very dim screen? Clarify this for us. A dead battery would not give you anything.



I replaced the battery and was working fine for a couple of days but then accidentally. Let it die now I can get it to charge or turn on


Sounds like you are having an issue with either your charging cable, your charger, or the charging port. Have you tried a different charger/cable?


Yes I've tried different cable and charger box it will sometimes show me the LG screen but can't get it to go past that I just ordered a new charger Port with flex cable so I hope it's the problem.


Also every once in a while I get a faded ring around the outside of the screen does that have anything to do with it or is that a hole new problem itself?


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Got the new flex cable in and its working great thank you for your help

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Try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes then replace battery and before turning it on plug it in and let it charge . Leave it plugged in for a day. see if this helps

just in case you need a guide

LG G Pad 8.3 Battery Replacement

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It's a new battery I just replaced it. And I let it charge over night


disconnect it then reconnect it before recharging . Connection may not have seated correctly . Check connection for dirt or lint


Installed. New flex cable and port and is working great now thank you


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