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Phone in water for 2 hrs, good for parts?

This is my first post. If I'm failing to follow any rules, holler. Want to get off on the right foot!

Howdy all. Daughter's 6s submerged in water for 2 hrs. All that has been done to recover it is it was put in a bag of rice for several days. No help there. Would a phone in this condition be worth anything for parts?

I have replaced a few batteries in iphones and I do have the pictured tool kit. Do you experts think I could salvage any dollars for this phone by parting it out? Of course I have no way of testing the parts which I expect will be a problem.

I also have an iPhone 5 in the same condition.



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In case you didn't know that rice doesn't help at all with electronics liquid damage:

A video that explains how rice does not help at all (https://youtu.be/yPeITOz2_YM)

Also welcome to iFixit.

The question is how long has it been since after it was submerged for two hours from now?

The longer it's left and if it was left plugged in charge will cause more damage and may result in a unrepairable phone.

Honestly it's probably not worth for parts once the components inside the phone get corroded.

You will have to open up and check if it is.

The iFixit user jayeff should have a guide on what to do to fix a liquid damaged phone.

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RWilliams , You can give it a try! Use the guides from the links below 1st link is a tear down guide to enable you to take the phone apart and 2nd link is a general guide on cleaning the phone of water damage/corrosion. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Разбираем iPhone 6s

Electronics Water Damage

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If you can't test the parts then your best bet would be to stick it on eBay. Lots of water damaged phones there.

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If I put it on eBay and a buyer some how gets it to power up, would my data be at risk or would the password protection keep my data safe? Thanks...


If your screen is locked then they won't be able to access user data on the phone unless they are either Apple, the guy from the University that cracked passcode lock or the FBI.


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