Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Stumped By iPhone 6 Reboot Loop (Tried Everything!)

Guys, I'm running into a problem with my iPhone and it seems like I've tried everything to no avail. Would really appreciate more troubleshooting ideas.

Phone Information

  • Model: iPhone 6 (A1549) 64GB
  • Carrier: Verizon
  • Operating System: Latest iOS (no jailbreak)
  • Age: 2 years

Problem Symptoms

  • Press power button, Apple logo appears for a few seconds then screen goes black and the process restarts.
  • If left alone, process will repeat for about 10 minutes before the cycle breaks and the screen stays dimly backlit for hours.
  • After a few hours the dimly backlit screen will drain the battery and phone will shut off.
  • Pressing power button now will show the dead battery screen indicating to plug phone in to recharge.
  • Once plugged in, phone will recharge and boot back up to start the whole thing over again.

Problem Origin

  • I broke screen a few weeks ago and replaced the LCD/Digitizer with a new one from Amazon.
  • New screen seemed to be working perfectly fine for weeks.
  • I noticed battery was draining faster after new screen installation and proximity sensor stopped working.
  • Suspecting damage to the front camera assembly while switching it to new screen I ordered a new assembly from Amazon.
  • Phone was working fine until this point; This is what I did the day my phone died:
  • Turned phone off.
  • Disconnected battery connecter.
  • Disconnected screen.
  • Switched out front camera assembly.
  • Reversed process and powered up.
  • Phone has been stuck in this reboot cycle since then.


  • First thing I tried was simply going back with old camera assembly. That changed nothing; phone will power on, show log for a few seconds then restart.
  • Tried starting with the camera assembly completely disconnected and nothing changed.
  • Tried starting with nothing but LCD screen connected (no digitizer, no front assembly, no home button) and nothing changed.
  • Disconnected battery and tried starting while plugged in to charger. Phone got stuck in reboot cycle again as if nothing changed with battery out.
  • Let battery completely die until phone indicating that it needs to be plugged in to charge. Then I left it on the charger overnight. It recharged, powered back up and loop started again.
  • Replaced battery with a new battery and nothing changed. Tried a third battery, nothing changed.
  • Took phone apart down to logic board to see if I had accidentally disconnected something and brushed all connectors before I reassembled. No change.
  • Updated iTunes then plugged in my phone to see if I can get a firmware update. As the process starts phone reboots and gets stuck in loop again. iTunes says I should do a restore.
  • Tried manual firmware update by holding shift while clicking "Update" in iTunes and used the latest firmware file which I had already downloaded. As soon as update process starts phone reboots and gets stuck in loop again.
  • Started restore process in iTunes acknowledging that it will wipe all my data. As soon as restore process starts phone reboots and gets stuck in loop again.
  • I can put phone in DFU mode and then kick it out of DFU mode using Tenoshare's ReiBoot. I have not tried using ReiBoot pro which claims it can fix this issue but reviews looked shady.
  • Swallowed pride and took phone in to a repair shop (not Apple Store). They said they have no new ideas beyond what I tried.

I am completely out of ideas. If you have any suggestions that may save my phone I would love to hear them; will ship beer to anywhere in the US for an idea that works!

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For third party program other than iTunes. Use 3Utools. Thank me later as it's at least very useful when it comes to reading information of any iPhone battery with the health of it.

Also did you try the previous screen because a improperly detected screen causes the phone to boot loop like that.

Well I can only confirm if no screen is plugged into the phone it will turn on and off every few seconds when plugged into charger since the current draw from the phone alternates from 0 to around 1.6 amps.


Thanks, Ben. I'll make sure to download that as soon as I get home. I was hoping to find a tool that gives more diagnostic information.


Same thing with me. At last, I solved it by this method.

How to Solve iPhone Endless Reboot Loop


Hi all, this might not help with OP's problem, but may be helpful for people Googling the systems and trying to troubleshoot. I experienced these symptoms while testing out a replacement screen before fully re-assembling the phone. It was caused by forgetting to re-connect the battery. Sorry that the extensive list of things you've tried so far has not been fruitful OP, but you might want to test replacing the whole battery including the connector that goes on to the mainboard. Thanks


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Hi Sam. This problem seems to be occurring with more frequency lately. Are you getting any iTunes error messages (9, 4013, 4014 etc)?

It's hard to say if it is software or hardware related as many things can cause similar symptoms. I've had a few 6's that have pretty much the exact same problem. I tried everything as well, including replacing U2 and reballing the NAND.

However, once all of the standard fixes have been tried and based on the research I have done, it may be related to a corrupted NAND.

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I believe I was getting iTunes error 4013 when I tried restoring. Not sure how to fix a corrupt NAND is so I will do a little more research on that. Thanks, Minho.


You need a special machine that can read and write to the NAND. That means you have to remove the NAND, read/write, then reballl and solder it back on.

Suffice it to say, this is not a DIY repair.


I have had this same issue on iphone 6 and iphone 7, I believe it's a logic board failure and the solution per doing some research is to micro solder it. But I am still ding more research on it.


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The actual fix:

1. Power the Phone off (or wait for it to die)

2. Open the phone

3. Disconnect the internal battery

4. Hold the power and home buttons down for 10-15 seconds

5. Reconnect the battery and close the phone back up.

6. Plug into power and the phone should be working.

7. Do a battery calibration.

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Exactly what my phone needed to solve error 4013!


Interesting, I'll keep this noted.


So I realize I'm not really contributing anything constructive to the conversation here, but I have to ask... Who originally decided that Step 4 above needed to be part of this troubleshooting process? If Step 3. is disconnect the battery and and Step 5 is reconnect the battery, then Step 4 may as well be "Pray to the phone Gods for 10-15 seconds.* iPhone motherboards have no backup battery/bios battery and there would not be power in the onboard capacitors the drive any logic operations... So who decided a power button or home button press would have an effect. Is it the same guy who told everyone to put their wet phones in rice?


No, but they are covered in capacitors that hold a DC charge. They basically are very high output batteries


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I also had the same symptoms as above, and tried some of the solutions also. What worked for me is putting the phone in recovery mode and restoring the phone with the latest update\firmware.

I used 3utools and created a back up file to select from. Because naturally the phone was attempting to restore its self to ios 10 which apple stop signing this firmware. So it thinks you are downgrading your IOS which is a security flaw apple tries real hard to prevent you from doing..

I had 2 of the same exact phones. So it was easy for me to trouble shoot.. But when I swapped out motherboards on a phone I knew had full battery. It drained it almost instantly.. So i knew it was software related. And itunes will read 4013 error which is related to security and NAND IC. and if your phone is so corrupt you cant accsess DFU OR RECOVERY MODE. Only option is to remove the NAND AND PROGRAM IT. OR GO TO ALIEXPRESS and look for them programmed and balled. Installl it.. Charge up your phone and power on.. I also corrected one before by rebooting at the system level..

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