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quality iPhone 6s and 6s plus screen replacement

I want to start fixing iphones 6s and 6s plus screen but ifixit screen cost around 145 to 230 and I wouldn't be making money does anyone know where I could get cheaper but still quality screens

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Where are you getting those prices? Most companies are selling 6S for $100 and 6S+ $150

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can you give me name of a company or a link to a website I would greatly appreciate that


I was using LCD one for a little while. But I didn't like those guys. Real annoying, and didn't have my interests at all. There was another one in Chicago, which I might start using for Samsung. Just google LCD wholesale USA. Why doesn't anybody Google anything?


@theimedic that's because we love to hear you say it... ;>)


Dude if it isn't iPhone. Half the time I google this stuff


@refectio haha. Get outta here, bro


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