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Repair guides and support information for RCA-brand tablets.

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Pin numbers RCA Tablet RCT6873W42 6.0.1

I had to change my four digit pin number today so my teen wouldn't get it!!!! Now I don't remember it myself!! I don't want to have to reset my tablet!!! Can you please help me out?? I would greatly appreciate it and be very thankful !!

Thank You

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I have this same problem I also got one for my birthday and I don't have the receipt what can I do


Hola la Tablet la acabo de comprar tengo el código y todo pero nunca arranca encendido?


My tablet was a gift i don't have the receipt for the activation code and a PUK code can you help me .


I got my tablet as a gift and don't have the codes or box or receipt. Can you help me.


I like to change the pin number but I can not do it how can I do it.


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Amber Marie there is no other way to retrieve your passcode. You will have to reset your tablet.

"Performing a factory reset from settings

Follow the detailed instructions below on how to completely reset your RCA Android 4.1 tablet.

1. With your tablet turned off, press and hold the volume up (+) button. While holding the volume up (+) button, press the tablet’s power button until you see the RCA logo with Nipper and Chipper on the screen. After a few seconds, the screen will change and you will see the Android bot on his back with a caution symbol above him.

2. Now you are going to press and hold the tablet’s power button, and without releasing the power button press down on the volume up (+) button. You should then see the screen below.

3. Use the tablet’s volume up (+) and down (+) keys to navigate to and select the "wipe data/factory reset" option. To select this option, press the power button.

4. The tablet is going to ask you to confirm your selection. Use the tablet volume up (+) and down (-) keys to navigate to and select "Yes – delete all user data." Once again, use the power button to select this option.

5. At the bottom of the next screen, you will see "Data wipe complete." Press the power button to restart the system.

6. The system will begin to reboot and once again display the RCA logo with Nipper and Chipper. The next "Welcome" screen will prompt you to select your language of choice. Scroll through the options using your finger and press start when finished. "

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How do i chance the google account we dont remember it


Tereasa follow the above instructions and the google account will no longer be linked to the tablet. Do remember this will wipe all your saved info as well


What if that does not work how do u get arpund it


I have same problem, factory reset did not remove google account!


I did the factory reset, but it still is asking for the disa number, and when I go to getyourcode.com, it says they can't verify it. Mine was a gift for my kid from my mom in law, and she doesn't have a receipt and she paid cash...


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I used an OTG Cable and USB keyboard.

Boot the Tablet, then After waiting a short time for the Keyboard to be recognized

repeatedly hit the ESC key.

The Activation Code Prompt will go away and you can begin using the tablet.

The OTG and USB Keyboard will have to be used EVERY TIME the tablet shuts down but NOT when the screen is dimmed. (as it seems so far)

I hope this helps.


Block Image

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I follower the instructions above, but the little green robot doesn't show up.


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Everyone I have figured out away to get into the settings on the rca voyager lll but a sd card in and push ok and then ur in I can’t figure out the activation code but u can start there.

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i dont understand


Me neither I don't understand is your a RCA android tablet 7.0 I need a code I can't get in this bastard


otg an keyboard worked for me now to unlock bootloader root an bypass avtivation with a custom recovery an rom

To bypass activation pin get urself an otg cabble an a blue tooth or wired keyboard plug intoi tablet press RSC button a few times rappidly an BOOM your in


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I went to getyourcode.com and Entered the DiSa # Located under barcode on box. Follow Directions and be patient, and it will kick you out the correct code, I just unlocked a 7 inch RCA Tablet from Walmart that we had lost the receipt with the activation code on it during a exchange. Kiss it Walmart and your dumb rules. Activation Codes are also not sent via Walmart or other stores via Email to You, you must keep the original paper receipt . I take pictures of mine and store it, but now I found this site and learned how to use it. :) lmgtfy.com :) #ActivactionCodes

RCA Voyager 111

7 inch $50 Android Tablet from Walmart

Model # RCT6973W43 MD BLACK

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I did exactly what you said and when I put in the DiSa # it said that # has not been purchased and, gave me two more attempts... I don’t get it. I bought this tablet on an app called Offer UP. The seller mentioned nothing about a DiSa activation code was needed. Conveniently his page is deactivated now. Was wondering did it answer you in the same way before giving you the code? Same model # as you too.


Me too!!! I have the same model number as well


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