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Repair guides and support for iRulu tablets.

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Why wont my tablet work unless plugged into charger

My tablet wont work at all unless it is plugged into the charger even though it has been charging over night. It keeps saying connect to the charger even though it is plugged in already, what should i do to fix it

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What is the model number of your tablet?


the model number is AX922


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It seems as though the battery is failing to hold its charge and needs to be replaced. Even rechargeable batteries have a life span.

Unfortunately as I cannot find a guide on how to open the tablet to gain access to the battery, I'm hoping that this guide on how to replace the battery in an Irulu ax106 will be very similar to your model and will be of some help.

iRULU AX106 Battery Replacement

Here is a link to a supplier of a replacement battery for your tablet. It is not a recommendation to use them, it is shown just to give an idea of the price of the battery. there are other suppliers that may suit you better. Just search for Irulu ax922 battery for results.


Hopefully thisi sof some help.

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