iMac Black Screen Problem

Hi everyone. I recently replaced my 3.5 HDD with a 2.5 SSD. The problem is that after my iMac screen was black. I tried to replace the display port lcd cable but with no success, still black screen.

I read many posts about this issue (most of them here) and decided to buy a new LCD and Inverter board.

I did it but still got the problem.

Some details:

Diagnostics leds 1,2,3 are ON

Diagnostic led 4 is OFF and don't blink on startup.

My iMac EMC is 2389.

Tried to find any burned circuit or even the famous L9000 but could not.

Any hope for me?


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Please go here and input the serial number from the bottom of your stand, then tell us exact which machine you have.


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