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Repair guides and support for vehicles manufactured by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors (GM).

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Where is the temperature sending unit on a 2006 lacrosse cxl

Temperature gauge quit working on 2006 Buick Lacrosse CXL. How can I tell where the problem is?

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I'm having the same issue. Iv change the sensor, and three weeks ago I changed the thermostat to a winter one.. how after I changed that out the temperature didn't really move or make to much of a difference.. in the way it would warm up.. and as of today the fans are going . Like the motor is over heating.. iv looked at the ohm's to see if there was a break in the wires .. but that check is where it should be sitting.. I do believe 200 ohm's.. ?


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Coolant sender unites do fail from time to time but before taking it out make sure you have enough coolant in the system for the sender to work . Often people will think there car has fixed itself when its running hot and then the temperature gauge goes down to nothing . this just means theres no fluid in the system at the sender . without the fluid there the sender cannot send a temp so it goes to zero. So before replacing the sender make sure your fluid level is up to proper levels. Hope this helps

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If the coolant had gone low, this would allow air into the system and on the Buick 3.8 will have to be bled out/burped or the air pocket could cause this issue. Just refilling the coolant is not enough sometimes.


excellent point @lpfaff1 Just this week I was 3 hours bleeding the air out of a 2001 Honda civic that wasn't giving any heat . I ended up raising the rear of the car to finally get the air to move enough to get heat in the car. Very frustrating


@jimfixer , Jim sometimes that is the only way that seams to work, it can be a bear even with suction or pressure systems.


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abbyshepard10 the cause could be a bad Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor.

3.6 L engine

Block Image

3.8L engine

Block Image

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