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Компания Apple представила iPhone 5s 10 сентября 2013 года. Ремонт данного устройства схож с предыдущими моделями, требующий отвертки и инструменты для вскрытия. Доступен в версиях GSM или CDMA; с 16, 32 или 64 ГБ памяти; в цветах: Серебристый, Золотой и «Серый космос».

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Screen is popping out in the top right of the phone

I recently replaced the screen on my iphone 5s when i noticed that the screen wasnt fully pushed in in the top right of the screen. When i open the phone to see the problem there's nothing there but the power button and the box under it (dont know the name) and the screen in the far corner is a bit darker. Is there anyway i can fix this?


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That box is the rear camera.

I would suggest you go through this guide and double check that everything is in place correctly. There isn't much free space in an iPhone so it doesn't take much.

I would pay close attention to the battery as it may be puffing up and forcing the screen upwards. You may also have a low quality screen and the frame is not sitting properly.

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This sounds like body (back panel) is having small dent and so it is pop up the display and try to file the body, if not you have to replaced the body (back panel).

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