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MacBook Dead after Liquid Spill - Replace Logic Board First?

I disassembled MacBook following iFixit instructions. No obviously damaged parts. There's no light when charging, nor does on/off button have any effect. This was a big spill and several parts could be damaged. Should I give up or start replacing parts, beginning with logic board? This could become expensive quickly without the ability to test individual components...

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Clean and dry

it first - use electrical contact cleaner, 99% iso-alcohol and let it dry 72 hrs.(I hope you let it dry well before you attempted to power up.)

Look for scorch marks and corrosion as you clean it with a soft brush and magnifying glass. Remember to clean/dry the back of the board. Depending upon where the liquid was spilled, and what sort of liquid it was you may get/be lucky.

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Good luck,


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