Why doesn't my phone boot up and instead keeps heating up?

Okay so last year, my phone suddenly stopped booting up. I had thought that maybe it was out of charge. I kept it for a whole day on charge, but still no luck. Then I sent it to the service center. They replaced something called "power module" and the phone was fine again. Now they also said that my battery was a bit damaged(which I noticed as the battery backup had decreased), but since they did not have spare battery at that time, they said that it would be replaced later on. Now recently, my phone has been having the same problems again- it wasn't booting up, except for the fact that after keeping on charge for about half a day, the screen once lit up and showed charger not recognized sign(Yellow sign with a battery). Thinking the data cable was faulty, I replaced it and it started charging again. So what I want to ask is if this happened due to the same reason as last year, or if the data cable was really faulty and the phone was out of power?

PS: I had been using the phone with the damaged battery. Other than reduced battery backup, there were no other problems.

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