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Garments that keep you warm on brisk days and dry on wet days. Repair difficulty ranges from simple tear patching to more complicated baffle repair.

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The insides of my rainjacket is peeling, can it be repaired?

I have a patagonia rain jacket and it is peeling uncontrollably on the inside, so that it is no longer water resistant/repellent. Its there a way to repair the inside layer or is it time to get a new one?

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If i recoat it with waterproofer, will that nelp with waterproof despit the interior coat lining peeling?


I waited the most of the "internal skin" came out, then, gently washed out a couple of time, again brushed off and, once all gone, waterproofed the outside. Now is mostly a wind jacket, but still kick ;-)


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This link may be of interest to you. (It applies to all Patagonia garments not only to wetsuits)

Hopefully they will repair it for you for free as advertised.

How to fix a hole in my new Patagonia Yulux Wetsuit?

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Hi @cawy ,

If your jacket or coat is made by Patagonia try contacting them and ask how best it is done or whether it may qualify under their ironclad guarantee for it to be repaired by them, either for free or at a small cost to you. It's worth asking. ;-)

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I also have several Patagonia jackets that are peeling or delamination on the inside. Patagonia customer service (via Chat) was most helpful. See the excerpt from my chat log below...

So we will process it, like a regular return, you mail us your jackets and we do a quick warranty evaluation once we receive the package and from there we go ahead and give you some merchandise credit. (Typically we go by the price of sale that we had the item at originally, so whatever you paid for the jackets is normally what you'd get in merch credit.)

So the way it goes, typically is, if you have the original order numbers from the gear you bought(if you bought online) you can submit the order number/your email and we'll send you a return label, to ship the package to us with your gear, once we inspect the gear(to ensure it is ours, etc) we deduce the damage is from wear and tear; we begin issuing you a credit. then (in a few business days) you will receive an email with a gift card code; the gift card code will have the balance of the refunded gear on it.

Now, if you don't have the order numbers if you got the gear as a gift or bought it from a store etc.; it’s no problem; there’s a form you can fill out; ill send you the link in a moment and the rest of the process is the same.

Patagonia Returns Form - Warranty

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Patagonia customer service is also sending me "tenacious tape and repair kits" for me to try and patch up the gear DIY style. :)


Patagonia customer service also can send "tenacious tape and repair kits" for patching up your gear DIY style.

o Patagonia's Tenacious Tape Video Tutorial

o Additional Gear Repair Tutorials


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