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Released February 2015, the Samsung Galaxy A7 operates on Android OS, features a Super AMOLED screen and an octa-core processor.

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half of the screen is is purple and pink can I fix this?

i dropped my phone this morning and the screen turned black for a while then it opened but with some purple stains and the bottom of the phone is black but i think it still working , so is there any solution for this ? can i fix it myself? plzz help

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Abandon any and all hope that you have left...

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When a Samsung screen starts to turn purple, that is an indicator that the underlying AMOLED display layer is broken. It will get progressively worse until it stops being usable / viewable at all.

There isn't a repair guide here yet, but here's link to similar phone to reference if you decide to repair yourself.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Display Assembly Replacement

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