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I damaged to display's cable and connector when fixing system

So my dad broke his MacBook Pro because he spilled some water on it and then instead of buying the tools to open it he used a steak knife and ended up cutting the display cable and damaged the connector on the logic board.

I have found I can replace the cable but don't know were to buy or a tutorial on how to do so with the connector on the logic board.

It works fine when plugged into another monitor but would like to try and fully fix it

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The cost of the correct tools would have been cheaper!

Sadly, you'll need to replace the logic board if the logic board connector is damaged.

The only other choice here is to ship your system to someone to micro solder a new connector onto the logic board. This is not something you can do at home as you need some special equipment to do it correctly.

As for the display you'll need to replace the complete lid assembly to replace the damaged cable as this series are not easy to open and you can't get the cable as a spare (new). Otherwise you'll need to find a parts system of the same series to steal the display from.

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I stand corrected on getting the cable but getting to it is still a bit of work.


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If you do decide to do it yourself, you will need a soldering iron, hot air station, LCD connector, solder, solder flux, decent tweezers and obviously the experience. As @danj said, not worth the investment for one job, might as well send it somewhere.

I will however say the cable is very easy and cheap to replace, you don't need to swap the whole assembly, and it can be bought on eBay (all used, but no issues since they are just pulled from cracked assemblies) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/APPLE-MACBOOK-...

All you need to do is remove the assembly from the MacBook, slide the hinge cover to remove it (don't lose the 2 end pieces), remove about 7 screws from the wifi antenna and then you can unplug the LCD cable after removing the screws for the LCD cable hinge.

I would recommend sending the MacBook somewhere to carry out the LCD connector replacement, and then replacing the cable yourself.

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The display cable is not repairable because the LCD cannot be removed from the lid. You will need a new top lid assembly.

And judging by the nature of the mishap, there must be a lot of other extensive damage, I believe the repair cost exceeds buying another one, so just give up.

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@tomchai that is not correct. The LCD cable can be replaced on all Retina models, without removing the LCD from the lid. The Retinas are not like the older A1278/A1286/A1297 models where you need to remove the glass and LCD to change the cable.

For the clearest video on how to do this, see 5:25-8:25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLNUjeUL...

Without seeing a picture, we are not sure if there is more damage, but this is something which is definitely fixable by someone who has the knowledge and tools. Definitely not a write off by any means, since it works on an external display and still sells for £1000+ working.


After checking, that does appear to be the case. The display data cable can be removed without taking off the LCD itself so I guess I assumed too much.

Opening the mac with a steak knife is something I haven't heard of in a while though, I doubt the computer will survive this.


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