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Is it possible to build an entire Mac from parts?

Hello guys, my name is Cristiano, this is my first post here on iFixit.

I would like to know, where i live one iMac 5K as an example, costs much more than it's MSRP on US.

I saw that iFixit and Ebay sells some Parts from iPhones/iMacs/MacBooks and others.

Is it possible for me, as an Electrical Engineering Student, build the entire product using those Separate Parts?

If yes, i would love to do it for the sake of studying, i love Hardware and would certainly be an incredible experience for me.

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Does it need to be an iMac or would you be satisfied with building a Mac pro tower. This would be an easier option but if you have your heart set on an iMac then you could get around by buying a used machine that's not working . You'd end up with some workable parts . This would be a way or getting a case . Where are you and what kind of shipping availability do you have . Do you have access to ebay or Amazon ?

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I am on Brazil, i have acess to Ebay or Amazon, but my worries are that i could be taxed while recieving the Hardware here and that could be a very bad thing.

Where you suggest for me to find a Not Working iMac, my heart is really set on the iMac, the design is incredible, i would love to build a working one for myself.


search for one on ebay


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@hoyzon in theory, yes you could. In practice you may run into plenty of issues related to obtaining all the parts. The cost may ultimately be higher by piecing it together. The good thing would be that you can take your time and build a pay-as-you go iMac. I would also foresee that, even so the inner parts might all be available, the chassis may present a challenge. So I'd check on availability of that first.

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Yes i saw that the Chassi is the hardest part, can't seem to find it anywhere. Would you recommend me building an iPhone/iPad? Because these ones we can find all parts more easily


I definitely would stay away from trying to piece together a phone. To many issues with carriers, networks and iCloud locks. Why not stick with the original idea but design your own chassis? Not sure where you are located and what your options are locally. I would consider re-purposing something that was not a computer, for the chassis. Not sure where you study but maybe some of your Industrial Design student colleagues could come up with a really cool idea. Ever envisioned a Steampunk iMac 5K ;-)? That would definitely by worthy of an EE student. Something different than just copying some design.....


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@hoyzon , Cristiano Siqueira , First of all I would like to say good for you! I think you may have success as long as the parts you buy are indeed good parts and understanding of assembly. I myself do not have a Mac but there are a lot of Mac experts here at ifixit that are usually willing to give a helping hand to a student. Hopefully other's can join in and give further suggestions @mayer , @oldturkey03 , @jayeff , @jimfixer. Good luck on your future endeavors.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.



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Thank you for those kind words!! It means a lot to me!! As a student, i would love to build myself one iMac. The Hackintosh experience i have done previously, but i did not like the "Custom Boot" Experience.

I thought myself, if i put together one iMac, using the Apple's OEM Parts such as Motherboard, Display, HDD, Body, i could build an legit working iMac, that would be such an incredible experience for me as a student.


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