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Improved second generation Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen.

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cannot charge my nexus 7 even with a new battery

help please.

i have a nexus 7 2013 32 which i've had since new. i have reasonable skills in dealing with repair, but this one has really got me.

i can't get my unit to charge. i have tried many instructions from the Internet `without positive results.


spontaneously the unit stops charging. i start trying some of my simple fixes with no results. i install a new battery. nothing. eventually the charge that comes with the new battery wears out with just a bit of charge left.

i don't know where to go from here. i'll try anything even if i have already.

thanks for your support.

i have had great success previously from your site.

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Same problem, plus, my Nexus 7 (2013) says it's charging but yet the battery level is going down until it's finally empty!


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Len Gorsky , Reset did not work, either the cable or charge port may be damaged. Look in the charge port and blow/pick out(carefully) any dust/debri that may be causing an issue. Try a different compatible charger/cord to see if that is the issue. If different compatible charger/cord does not fix, it is probably a damaged/loose port that will have to be repaired/replaced. If port looks/test good the battery or connection is probably bad(try cleaning the connection and reseat) and try. If port is found to be loose it can be resoldered or board assy. replaced, resoldering is really not a repair for the inexperienced because the charge port for your device is soldered to the daughter board and the heat generated could cause further damage if not very careful. I will post a link to a tear down guide to get you inside the tablet to check the charge port and will also post a link showing what is involved in repairing a mini USB attached to the board. The last link is to new charge port(daughter board) which may be cost effective depending on est. of resoldering connector, which you can also do a search for better pricing perhaps if needed. If not wanting to do the repair yourself have a good computer/cell phone repair shop have a look and estimate repair. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Nexus 7 2nd Generation Micro USB/Daughterboard Replacement




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Remove grey seal - using tweezers.

You told us all the other tools used to remove items but not which tool you used to remove the seal.


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Perhaps, try a new charger.

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I bought a wireless charger. Problem solved


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