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How to update browser with Panther 10.3?

I have just upgraded my ibook to Panther 10.3. It is working fabulously. But there is one problem.. A lot of the websites I try to go on don't appear normally.. Even Facebook. Is this because of the browser? If so what can I do because I looked at the newest version of Safari and it doesn't look as though it is compatible with Panther and I don't want to install ANYTHING that is not compatible.. Can anyone help me? I ran a software update, but that doesn't seem to have done anything with this.

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I believe Panther is limited to using an older version of Safari, which in turn uses outdated version of plugins, etc., and therefore your whole experience is going to be hit or miss on the web. I'd recommend going to firefox.com and downloading that as an alternative, since a fairly current version of Firefox will still work on Panther, and give you a better experience.

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Here is a link to an article on browsers for older Macs.



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