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Monochrome laser printer introduced in 2012. The printer has a 35 PPM page rating and the first page comes out in 8 seconds. Depending on which model you own, you will have different expansion options and available features (Ex: M401n is limited to 128MB of RAM, despite having space for a memory module and a access panel). Uses HP 80A/80X toner cartridges.

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Will not turn on

The printer was working a few hours ago and then turned off. I have checked the power supply and cord to the printer and these are fine. The printer did come back on for about 45 seconds, after I removed the power cord and waited for a few minutes. However after that one time, it has not come back on even doing what was first tried. Is there a fuse on reset button inside? Thank you

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Thank you! It is working again.


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HP's suggestion is to turn the printer off for a half hour and turn it on. If it is still having problems then contact HP tech support. If this is still in warranty they may replace it.

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