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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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over the time {20mins} it freezes. when cooled down, it works again

i have this macbook, off eBay. was sold to me as water damaged, but i cannot see a single sign of water damage on it, none of the sensors has been triggered. machine works fully, when started from cold. after aprox. 20 minutes, sometimes less, it just stops reacting on anything, it freezes and have to be switched off. if turned on immediately, it does not pass even boot process.

if left for some time to cool down, it works again, but again for only at most 20 minutes.

what could it be? i have already disconnected temperature sensor, the silver compound was applied, RAM modules reseated and also swapped from known working modules...

something burned out on motherboard? failing fan? maybe i was cursed by someone, in that case, do someone know some good priest? :D

thanks in advance for any help...

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could be damage under the board, or inside a connector... cleaning well with a soft brush and contact cleaner, followed by 99% iso-alcohol with 48 hrs drying time before applying any power may help.

Could be thermal paste (if disassembled and reassembled without new paste), or a shorted heat sensor or fan/switch.

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A good start--if this does not clear the problem obtain the original disk from Apple and run the hardware test with the computer cold. That might tell you whats failing. Appears to be heat related.


how do you do that hardware test? what do i need to press, when booting up?

i have noticed, when i use Fan Control, it lasts significantly longer...


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