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The Pioneer DEH 4600 MP is an in-dash car stereo that is CD, MP3, WMA, and WAV compatible.

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Every time I touch it it plays for a quick second.

I have a pioneer deck I hooked up into my Pontiac sunfire, the stereo turns on but no sound threw the speakers. The only wire that isn't hooked up from the deck is a blue wire with white stripe. And when I touch the blue wire to the ground wire it will play sound for a split second. Then stop. I'm not sure what's going on . Every time I touch it it plays for a quick second. Then nothing. Any ideas?

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How have you connected the speakers, via Amps or direct?

Here is a link to the installation manual for your player.

It shows that the Blue/White wire needs to be connected to the car's Auto-Antenna Relay Control terminal or to the Amps remote control to power the speakers.

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