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Model A1040 / 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 GB hard drive / four touch-sensitive LED backlit buttons above touch wheel

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My iPod won't start up, just displays apple symbol. Fixable?

Hi there,

My ipod has a problem where it will turn on, but does not boot up past the apple "loading" screen. It retains this display and makes a noise as though it is processing until the battery dies. When connected to the computer with USB, the computer does not recognise the device.

I took it to an apple repair centre and they thought it might be a problem with the dock, but that didn't sound right to me. But they wanted 85 euros just to take a look at it.

Any ideas?



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Thanks for your answers guys.

Oldturkey, I did as you said and it worked! Had to try a couple of times, but it did work and I'm now restoring it to factory settings. Hoping it will not have any further problems. You just saved me a packet, I was going to buy another one. Thanks!


You are very welcome and good luck...:)


Oh yeah and if this answer is acceptable please return and mark it. ;)


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My first thought on this is,how old is your battery. I do know from my own experiences that the iPod behaves "odd" when they have batter problems. If your battery is truly okay, try to place it in disk mode.Before placing the iPod into disk mode you should verify that it has a charge.

Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Set it to Hold, then turn it off again.)

Press and hold the Play/Pause and Menu buttons until the Apple/iPod logo appears, then release them. This resets iPod. When you reset iPod all your music and data files are saved, but some customized settings may be lost.

When the Apple logo appears, immediately press and hold the Previous and Next buttons until the Disk Mode screen appears.

Connect the iPod to your computer; the screen on the iPod will change and say "Do not disconnect"

To return it to its normal operating state, you will have to reset iPod.


Sometimes it is a bit of a challenge and you may have to try a couple of times. Good luck...

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Sorry Heather, that really did not answer your question. Yes, it is possible and probably cheaper as well. I have a couple (lots) of iPod of all different sizes and ages in my possession and must say that the 3rd and 4th generation have given me the least amount of trouble and I do prefer there sound quality. Parts and repair manuals are also still available. Good luck


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Try to reset the ipod. press menu and play/pause button for about 10 seconds or more so that the ipod restarts and you see the apple logo again and then release the buttons. Sometimes ipods have difficulty in processing information on the hard disk for whatever reason, so a reset will put everything back in place.

Hope this helps.


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Excellent !

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changed the battery and now the ipod has the circle with the line through it and says do not disconnect. cannot play any music

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