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First generation of Citroen's supermini car.

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C3 chaged starter but wont start!

Hello my daughter has just bought a C3 2002 after 2 weeks the starter motor died we changed it for a new one but the car will not start !

We have tested the battery and all the fuses in the car and in the engine fuse box we found a big green 30 amp fuse blown and have replaced it ,

Still will not start just clicks !

The car will start if we connect a cable to the battery earth and the engin metal ,

there is a problem earth but where ?

We have changes 20amp fuse HS ans reset the BS, also the diagnostic reveals nothing !

And why would it blow a 30amp fuse ?

Please help

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delvaux.alain , Recheck, if your battery connections are good/clean/tight, if OK then the negative cable could have bad connection where it bolts to engine/frame/bracket/strut tower, loosen nut/bolt/screw clean area to get good contact and retighten and try starter(if you have traced the negative cable to a junction, check/loosen/clean all the wires/connectors at that junction0. Still no go the cable could be badly corroded inside or have a break(replace negative battery cable).

The old starter may have shorted or during removal/install a wire may have crossed blowing the 30A fuse. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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I have also had trouble with my starter motor I was driving along one day and there was a funny screeching noise from inside my car around the fuse box area but I could not find where it was I carried on driving and when I parked up the car would not start again I have checked the fuses and they all ok but I can't seem to find any relays anywhere is there anybody that could help me please


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