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Where to find a battery replacement?

Hey guys... I'm looking for a battery replacement for my Philips GoGear Vibe Mp3 player.

Here's how it looks like: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxnOK5...

So I'm basically need a compatible battery that would fit this small space of about 2.4mm width, 3.5mm height and 4mm thick.

I've been looking all over the place and found some similar batteries in China but the shipping costs more than a new Mp3 player.

I'm from Romania so if you know any place where I could get such a battery from Europe or somewhere close I would be really grateful!

Thanks in advance,


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i have the same problem too

but i already had a battery laying around with 200 mAh will this work or will this also get puffed


If the dimensions fit, you can try it out and see what happens.


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I have finally found a compatible battery on ebay.

Here's the link if anyone else is interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/111850527802?_tr...

I've ordered the new battery and waiting for the shipment to arrive. Will update this thread once I get it.

UPDATE: the battery has arrived and it fits perfectly... check out the picture bellow! And since it has a higher capacity than the original one, it lasts even longer before I need to charge it again. By the way the charging works normally without having to solder the blue wire to the black one. So I'm very happy that I've ordered this battery.

Block Image

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Hi @dpcdpc11 ,

Hopefully it will fit.

The size shown on the battery in the picture you posted is 3.8mm x 24mm x 36mm.

So while the new one is smaller in length it is slightly thicker and wider. (4.0mm x 25mm x 35mm)

I realize that it is only 0.2mm thicker and 1.0mm wider but as I said I really do hope that it does fit properly for you and that it is not just that fraction to deep to allow the unit to close properly or that you have to put to much pressure on the battery either to close the case.

Good luck!


Hey Jay... in theory there's enough space to fit the new battery but since these are not 100% perfectly sized products it might not fit... considering the small price of the battery it's not a big risk.

One question about the thickness... would it be a problem is the back case of the mp3 player puts too much pressure on the battery?


Hi @dpcdpc11 ,

Given that it is hopefully only 0.2mm I don't think that it will.

My main concern was that this might just be enough to stop the case from closing properly and that (and I am probably wrong about this) it will cause the case to bulge over the battery and not latch onto the sides correctly. I say this because I think that the battery will be stronger than the case and will not compress any more (unless you put a whole lot of pressure on it - which I hope that you don't have to).

I only made my first comment because in some devices they have no margins at all to play with and I just wanted you to be aware of this if you had a problem closing the case and were wondering why it didn't close properly.

Again fingers crossed that it will fit in with no problem.


Another problem might be that the new battery has only 2 wires where as the original one has 3.

After doing some research I see that the best fix is to connect the extra wire (the blue one in the case) to the black wire.

What's your take on this, Jay?



There is a risk because the "thermal sensor" wire is there to protect the battery from overheating (and also to protect you as well) and there being possibly disastrous consequences when being charged. If the battery goes 'critical' the reaction cannot be stopped.

You could try your way and see how hot the battery gets when being charged to 100% (if it doesn't start to charge try placing a 10k Ohm resistor between the blue wire and the black instead of a direct connection)

If you really don't want to take any chances there is always this option when charging the battery.

Just remember if you do charge it to take note of the time it takes to fully charge and then on subsequent charges set a timer or something to remind you to check it rather than allowing it to continue charging 'unsupervised'


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