iPods doesn't charge nor play music via the dock of my iPod HiFi...

I finally purchased on the bay an epic 2006 iPod Hi-Fi in excellent cosmetic and (I hoped) functional conditions. It looks gorgeous and it sounds amazingly (via 3.5mm jack connector...), despite to external compact dimensions.

But there is a trouble: inserting into the Hi-Fi dock my iPod 4g 20GB (A1099) or my 5.5G 30GB (A1136), both do not charge nor transmit the sound data to the speaker.

Using the iPod direct controls on the clickwheel does not lead to any result.

Making several attempts with the Apple remote (i.e. with "menu" or "play/pause" buttons) gives no result too, although the Hi Fi lights come on regularly as the only feedback. Anyway, the Apple Remote works perfectly for raising and lowering the volume, but for audio listening I'm forced to use a humble jack connector...

Since the iPod Hi-Fi's specifications clearly state the compatibility with both iPod models, what could be the reason for the failed connection between the two devices via the dock? Do they need a specific firmware to be used with the Hi-Fi, or what? (the 4G has the version iPod_11.1.2.1 installed, the 5.5G the V1.3: when connected to iTunes both appear updated with the last software version).

I have a feeling that the problem is the dock connector: how can I fix the issue?

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