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Model A1311 / Late 2009 / 3.06 or 3.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Is an LCD display teardown possible?

My iMac has accumulated stains of dust inside the LCD display (behind the inner glass panel). Since it's out of warranty and the price of a new display is somewhat high, would it be possible to disassemble and clean it?

I've found some posts explaining how to do that on older models, but the display casing on 21.5" is different than on 20".

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Do you have

a clean room? There's a good possibility that you could destroy the machine in the process of dis/re assembly.

It's one thing to DIY repair a broken machine (if you fail you're not much worse off) but this would be no task to undertake lightly, and you could still have dirt inside when you're done.

The glass on the 20" is held in place by magnets in front bezel. It comes off the same as on the 21.5" - that step is shown on the 21.5" but not on the 20"

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Good luck,


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I know I could ruin the Mac in the process, that's why I've posted the question first, before trying anything. I'm not really that desperate yet, but since the dust keeps accumulating, I imagine I will have to tear it down eventually. (or simply buy a new computer by then?)

As for the glass, I didn't mean the outer panel held by magnets (the one you can take off with suction cups), I meant the inner one - this one:


The guides here only show how to remove/replace the entire display and I would like to get underneath its glass. Is that even possible or should I just let it go?


It's possible as they show but it's also a very difficult repair, as I said. You could end up with dust/streaks anyway. Your call.

Good Luck,


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