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I need a new spdif female

ok so i need to replace the S/PDIF1 port on this circuit board but i havent been able to find a source for it, i tried mouse.com but to no avail.

its a 6 pin connection also.

anyone have any leads on this sorta stuff?


Block Image

Block Image

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Hi, Are you asking about an Optical port? From looking at your pictures it seems that they are some sort of header pin arrangement, which with header pins inserted you can connect a cable connector to which then connects to an S/PDIF connector to the outside of the case for example. Sometimes only 2 wires are necessary in the case of CD audio (then onto a RCA (Co-ax) connector for Digital Audio). What was there before, if anything?


@jayeff im sorry its not 6 pin its a 5 pin. I just need to replace the port it self. the interior inside the plastic I believe is miss aligned due to someone stepping on the cable itself. but yes its an optical port.


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Hi @logixal

Here is a link to some optical fibre connectors. I assume that you only need the transmitter type (OTJ) series. Although perhaps not. Were all the pins connected as it seems that only 3 pins are necessary unless it was a dual optical send / receive unit or a dual optical / digital unit?

Here is a supplier you may find others, once you get the terminology right. (Fiber optic connectors)

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Awesome!!! Thanks @jayeff I'll take a look I appreciate your help


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