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Released by Nikon in January 2014, the Coolpix L830 is a compact digital camera designed to provide powerful zoom with simple operation.

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Why wont my camera connect to my computer

ive bought a new cable that's not the problem however I do notice when I plug the usb cable to my camera the digital screen goes blank I unplug and my pictures appear so also I acnt get my computer to even recognize my camera

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What kind of computer are you using?



Just querying how do you know that the USB cable is not the problem?

Does it work OK with other USB devices then?

It is not an OTG cable is it?

Have you checked the connecting pins in the USB port on the camera to ensure that they are all straight and parallel with each other (not bent) and that the port is clear of dust and lint?


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What computer do you have? Because you need to go into files to find your camera.

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